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Free Transport

January 2020

For any order we now offer transport services for free. To take advantage of our limited offer, make an order with promotional code F0712S.

PCB design and assembly

January 2020

Our company Kvark Servis s.r.o. offers complete services in the field of design, development and manufacture of printed circuit boards PCB. We provide fully equipped services according to the DPS documentation within 14 days.



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Kolín II - Nová Ves
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Czech republic



+420 321 763 476

+420 602 419 492

PCB shouldering services


  • complete shouldering PCB according to the documentation
  • assembling materials and components for the shouldering
  • stock of standard components
  • using leaded and lead-free technology
  • machine shouldering PCB - since the piece quantities
  • PCB and component drying before shouldering
  • both sided shouldering from the component size 0402 - BGA, spacing 0,4mm
  • SMD components bonding
  • hand shouldering PCB prototypes, SMD and THT components
  • remelting PCB in a hot air reflow oven or in vapors
  • production of metal foils for printing solder paste
  • shaping of terminal components , manual filling
  • machine and hand shaping of terminal components
  • ultrasonic cleaning of PCB, drying at 80°C
  • optical control of shouldered PCBs
  • customer tests
  • ESD packaging


  • normal delivery time about 14 days
  • expres delivery time for samples from 24 hours to 3 days


if you are interested in our services please contact us by e-mail adress:  obchod@kvark.info