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Free Transport

January 2020

For any order we now offer transport services for free. To take advantage of our limited offer, make an order with promotional code F0712S.

PCB design and assembly

January 2020

Our company Kvark Servis s.r.o. offers complete services in the field of design, development and manufacture of printed circuit boards PCB. We provide fully equipped services according to the DPS documentation within 14 days.



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Kolín II - Nová Ves
280 02
Czech republic



+420 321 763 476

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Company equipment


  • reflow soldering of shouldered SMT (with surface assembly).
  • unlike the standard methods of soldering in the vapors (VPS - Vapor Phase Soldering), in this machine is the heat transmitted by the condensing vapors.
  • to create a solders is not needed too much heat.


ERSA 250


  • reliable system for soldering at reflow quality level
Mydata TP9

  • component range: 0402 up to QFP’s and BGA’s (max. 51.9 x 51.9 x 15mm)
  • max PCB size: 515 x 465 mm
  • Linux operating system
  • software Version 2.0.11c TPSYS
  • standard Vision System for alignment of fine pitch components


Kirsten - soldering wave

  • soldering machine with concave wave.
  • Smart principle of pumps is ideal for lead-free solder application, and can be combined with a protective oil coatcoating or with itegrated system of inert nitrogen K-IN2ERTWAVE™.
  • the wave is very quick (0,8 - 1 m/s) - a complete wrapping of terminal components.
  • less of solder errors, small pitch without bridges.
  • minimum heat time.
  • adhesion wave up to height of 25mm.
  • pulling due to Bernouilliho effect.
  • soldering width up to 600 mm.



Juki 2020
  • assembly speed:
    • 11000 CHIP
    • 1800 IC
  • laser centering 4x
  • camera centering 1x